October 24, 2020
Mark Hamilton
Director / DP

An Ordinary Monday

2017 | 35mm film based on a psychoanalytic evaluation at Broadmoor Hospital in 1994.
Cast: Cheryl Campbell, Joanna Page and Paul Gittus
**Winner; Best Director - Mark Hamilton | Austria International Film Festival
**Winner; Best British Short Film | London Independent Film Awards
"British cinema rarely has the self-confidence to maintain this unflinching gaze... The genres of thriller and coming-of-age movie fused compellingly together."
- Nicolas Hellen; The Sunday Times
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Primary Burns

1997 | 20 minute television drama based on bullying at a primary school.
Cast: Aaron Carlo, John Hocking and Julia Ackerman
**Winner; Best Non-Factual | Royal Television Society awards (1997)
**Winner; Best Non-Factual | RTS regional category (Southern Centre) (1996)
"Primary Burns was unanimously agreed to be an outstanding film in both its intent and execution. Mark's direction told a difficult story with sensitivity and skill and elicited two stunningly powerful central performances."
- Paul Jackson; Head of Entertainment, BBC TV
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Selected Broadcast Credits:
PERCIVAL ELLIOTT - “Forever” (FH Films; HD / Music Promo)
PERCIVAL ELLIOTT - “Betty” (FH Films; HD / Music Promo)
ALLOC FLOORS – ‘The Sound Mixer’ (Big Simple; HD / TV Ad for UKTV)
OLLY HITE – “An Ordinary Monday” (FH Films; 35mm / Music Promo)
WALLS BACON – ‘Morning Lovers’ (FH Films; 16mm / TV Commercial)
HARVEY’S MAGIC CHUM (Winning Parody Advert for “Beadle’s Hotshots” / LWT)
FOCUS ON… Rhodes // Presenter: Melissa Porter | RETV; Fox International ((TV Travel Show)
NEXT BIG THING… Tennessee // Presenter: Jo Sinnott | RETV; Fox International (TV Property Show)

Selected Promotional Content:
(40+ clients incl.) - British Airways // Papua New Guinea, Tenerife, Boston, Caribbean & Thailand Tourism Boards.