June 15, 2024
Mark Hamilton
Director / DP

Mark Hamilton / Director
Whilst in this role I’ve enjoyed making broadcast documentaries, promos, and short narrative films.

These include, 'PRIMARY BURNS' which won a Royal Television Society Award for Best Non-Factual and, ‘AN ORDINARY MONDAY', which won Best Director at the Austria International Film Festival, as well as Best British Short Film at the London Independent Film Awards in 2017.

An Ordinary Monday

2017 | 35mm film based on a psychoanalytic evaluation at Broadmoor Hospital in 1994.
Cast: Cheryl Campbell, Joanna Page and Paul Gittus
**Winner; Best Director - Mark Hamilton | Austria International Film Festival
**Winner; Best British Short Film | London Independent Film Awards
"British cinema rarely has the self-confidence to maintain this unflinching gaze... The genres of thriller and coming-of-age movie fused compellingly together."
- Nicolas Hellen; The Sunday Times
... Click here to watch "AN ORDINARY MONDAY"
Primary Burns

1997 | 20 minute television drama based on bullying at a primary school.
Cast: Aaron Carlo, John Hocking and Julia Ackerman
**Winner; Best Non-Factual | Royal Television Society awards (1997)
**Winner; Best Non-Factual | RTS regional category (Southern Centre) (1996)
"Primary Burns was unanimously agreed to be an outstanding film in both its intent and execution. Mark's direction told a difficult story with sensitivity and skill and elicited two stunningly powerful central performances."
- Paul Jackson; Head of Entertainment, BBC TV
... Click here to watch "PRIMARY BURNS"

Selected Broadcast Credits:
PERCIVAL ELLIOTT - “Forever” (FH Films; HD / Music Promo)
PERCIVAL ELLIOTT - “Betty” (FH Films; HD / Music Promo)
ALLOC FLOORS – ‘The Sound Mixer’ (Big Simple; HD / TV Ad for UKTV)
OLLY HITE – “An Ordinary Monday” (FH Films; 35mm / Music Promo)
DJ LUCK & MC NEAT - "A Little Bit Of Luck" - Official EPK (Big Simple; HDV / Music Promo)
URBAN SWALLOW - "Live @ Sound" (Big Simple; HDV / Music Promo)
WALLS BACON – ‘Morning Lovers’ (FH Films; 16mm / TV Commercial)
HARVEY’S MAGIC CHUM (Winning Parody Advert for “Beadle’s Hotshots” / LWT)
FOCUS ON… Rhodes // Presenter: Melissa Porter | RETV; Fox International ((TV Travel Show)
NEXT BIG THING… Tennessee // Presenter: Jo Sinnott | RETV; Fox International (TV Property Show)

Selected Promotional Content:
(40+ clients incl.) - British Airways // Papua New Guinea, Tenerife, Boston, Caribbean & Thailand Tourism Boards.