February 24, 2020
Mark Hamilton:

UK based Cinematographer / DP, proficient in formats from 35mm film to digital acquisition.

At home in both studio and location environments, I continue to enjoy my craft across all forms of film, television and shorter form media. - Full Biography

Commando 3

RECENT // Commando 3
Director of Photography & “A” Camera Operator

“Mark Hamilton's cinematography is captivating, especially in the action scenes.”
- Bollywood Hungama

“The DoP (Mark Hamilton) is the behind-the-scene star of Commando 3. He deserves distinction marks for his camerawork, capturing the stunts with élan.”
- Final Verdict

“Cinematography by Mark Hamilton is great and he captures the action sequences very well.”
- Super Cinema

Age of Heroes
The Crew
Capital Punishment