May 19, 2024

Children’s drama based on actual events of bullying at a primary school. – Extract/s (3m:28s)

The story follows Simon (Aaron Carlo) as he begins life at a new school. Whilst his bickering parents approach parenthood in differing ways at home, his new classmate, Jimmy (Gerard Wood) makes his time at school unbearable. Alone and depressed, Simon contemplates his future… | Completed in 1996 / (20mins).

Royal Television Society Award

1997 Royal Television Society Awards | National Winner – Best Non-Factual
1996 Royal Television Society Awards | Southern Region Winner – Best Non-Factual

“Primary Burns was unanimously agreed to be an outstanding short film in both its intent and execution. Mark’s direction told a difficult story with sensitivity and skill and elicited two stunningly powerful performances…” – Paul Jackson (Head of Entertainment, BBC TV)

Dir: Mark Hamilton
Cast: Aaron Carlo, John Hocking, Julia Ackerman, Marianne March & Gerard Wood
Fat Herdsman Films Ltd; BetacamSP
Producer: Mark Hamilton

Please CONTACT me for a password to the full screener. (21m 30s) | 26.10.96