November 17, 2017

Category - Director

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Music Videos:
Director/DP on promos… for example;
PE | “Track Seven (7)”

PE | “Track Four (4)”

Director / DP for the Monarchy and the Royal Household for BCA Film & TV since 1991. Including the ‘Official Videos’ for the Royal Collection Enterprises on:
Buckingham Palace,
Windsor Castle and
The Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Digital Content:
Director / DP on promotional content for 40+ clients incl. British Airways in-flight content and Papua New Guinea, Tenerife, Boston, Caribbean and Thailand Tourism Boards. Presented by Amanda Statham, David Wickers, John Carter, Kathy Arnold…

I continue to work independently as a director and, through Fat Herdsman Films Ltd. I am currently developing short and feature length drama scripts which I aim to co-produce in due course.