November 17, 2017

Short film based on a psychoanalytic evaluation at Broadmoor Hospital in 1994.

Jane Hampton (Cheryl Campbell) is an experienced investigative psychiatrist and is working on a case that, all being well, should lead to recognition and instant promotion. The study is of suspected murderer, David Catcher (Paul Gittus), who has confessed to the crimes. But Jane, to the annoyance of the impatient police and hostility of the stubborn David Catcher, believes that his guilt is not of the murders… Her quest to determine his guilt sheds an uncomfortable light on his past… | Completed in 2017 / (20mins).

Dir: Mark Hamilton
Cast: Cheryl Campbell, Joanna Page & Paul Gittus
Fat Herdsman Films Ltd; 35mm
Producer: Mark Hamilton, Kenith Trodd, Peter Edwards

Camera: Moviecam Compact 35mm
Lenses: 10mm T2.8 Canon | 18,24,35,50,85 T1.3 Super Canon | 25-250 T4 Cooke zoom


2017 Austria International Film Festival | Best Director (Winner)


2017 London Independent Film Awards | Best British Short Film (Winner)


2017 Vancouver Online Festival | Official Selection

“An Ordinary Monday” | Extract/s (1m:13s)

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