April 25, 2024

Short Film: Emma and Megan are flat mates and, like all best friends, they argue. Unlike most best friends, however, they are highly trained assassins..! With old grudges rearing their ugly heads, can their friendship make it through the night..? (Sc. “Fight”). Full length film available on request… (14mins)

Dir: Adrian Vitoria
Cast: Rosie Fellner, Gillian MacGregor and Joey Ansah
Rosebud Pictures | Shorts International; ARRI D21
Producer: Rosie Fellner, Gillian MacGregor

“The fight scenes are very well filmed and become the highlight of the film itself”…” – Paul Metcalf, Reviews with an Edge (April 2013)

Camera: ARRI D-21 | HDCAM SR, Dual Link – 4:4:4 / 24P, 2.40:1
Lenses: ARRI Zeiss Master Primes (18mm to 100mm) + Zoom 16.5 – 110