December 13, 2017
New web series about a networking company that guarantees to make connections which will change your life …
Pilot episode on 2nd November 2017. | Trailer (30s)

Dir: Robert Reina
Cast: Adrian Wheeler, Chloe Higham-Smith
Pitch to Perfection / Gilrei Video
Producer: Richard Matthews
Cam. Op: Ed Lomas

Camera: Sony PXW-FS7 | 4k; 1.85:1
Lenses: Sony E 28-135mm

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Recent DRAMA:
In Post-Production
Letter to Mia” a short film, directed by Steve Cholerton, highlighting the struggles of growing up in a multicultural society… with Amara Chehade & Savane Tchoukeu. Sony FS700/Odyssey7Q (4K)

Connected” web series, directed by Rob Reina with Adrian Wheeler & Chloe Hingham-Smith… Shot on Sony FS7 (4k)
* Click image for Trailer…


Little Big City” (Berlin). Green Screen Dramatisation with Raphael Kubler. Figment Productions, UK